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To champion and enable the development of a comprehensive, efficient and effective Organ donation and transplantation echosystem
To be patient-centric, outcome-oriented, world-leading transplantation and donation model
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This website is dedicated for registering those who wish to donate their organs after death, through which you can express your will to donate
organs after death and even change your mind if you decided to. Organ donor card is an initiative of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques
King Salman bin Abdul – Aziz Al-Saud (God Bless Him) aiming to encourage the community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to fill in a
donation form which permit organ donation after death to an organ failure patients who are in an urgent need for that organs to maintain
their lives or Improve their quality of life , thus making it easier for their families to take the decision of organ donation in respect
to their passed relatives wish. Organ donor card represents only the will of the donor to donate his organs after death and doesn’t have
any obligations to take organs during life or after death but making it easier for their families to take the decision and giving consent
for organ donation.
You can change your mind whenever you decided to.
We commit confidentiality of your personal data

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After your decision to donate, you end, God willing, the suffering of patients and their struggle with disease.Your decision today٬ makes a difference in someone’s life.

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Many of us in our society have misconceptions about organ donation, do you have questions on your mind? Here are her answers